About Me.

My selfie with an Indian Barber In Varanasi, India. Sot with my Rollieflex 2.8e on Fujichrome Provia 400.

I am originally from New Jersey, USA. I studied visual art at the University of Vermont. Since I graduated in 2004, I have been living in Asia. I live in Hong Kong after spending the previous 3 years in Malaysia.  I began with a Canon AE1 that my parents had bought me years ago, but have since used a Leica M6, Rolleiflex 2.8e twin lens and a Sony AR7II.

I am primarily an analog photographer. I enjoy the organic slowness that comes with shooting with film. When I began taking photos it was primarily during my travels around the world but street photography has been what I have focused on. Hong Kong has had a large influence on me. I am currently doing a lot of double exposures with my Rolleiflex.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss my work.

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