About Me.

My selfie with an Indian Barber In Varanasi, India. Sot with my Rollieflex 2.8e on Fujichrome Provia 400.

I am originally from New Jersey, USA. I studied visual art at the University of Vermont. Since I graduated in 2004, I have been living in Asia. I was based in Hong Kong but have since moved to Malaysia. I began with a Canon AE1 that my parents had bought me years ago, but have since used a Leica M6, Rolleiflex 2.8e twin lens and various digital cameras.

I like to use film for most of my photographs. When I began taking photos it was primarily for documenting my trips but in the last nine years street photography has been what I have focused on. Hong Kong has had a large influence on me for street photography.

My future projects will venture into more studio work, such portraits and product photography. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my work.

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